Funeral Plans Crediton

At A White & Sons Ltd, we have a range of funeral plans in Crediton from Golden Charter. These plans are available for an affordable cost and will make sure that all expenses are covered when the time arises. Getting a prepaid plan will allow you to rest in the knowledge that your family will not have financial difficulty at the time of the funeral or in its aftermath. A plan also means that all arrangements would have been arranged in advance, reducing the number of big decisions during a difficult time. No matter your budget, we can tailor a package that fits within your price range and meets your requirements. Give us a call today if you would like any advice or additional information.

Golden Charter Funeral Plans

We offer Golden Charter funeral plans, so whether you would like a simple plan or you would like to give your loved one an elaborate send off, we can meet your needs. If you buy a Golden Charter funeral plan straight from us, our services will be guaranteed. Just a few reasons to opt for prepaid funeral plans include:

  • Funeral services carried out professionally and with sensitivity
  • Assistance with administrative tasks
  • Looking after the deceased until the day of the funeral arrives
  • 24 hour telephone support
  • A coffin (see your plan details for specific information)

Prepaid Funeral Plans From A White & Sons Ltd

No matter if you are in search of a plan to suit your budget or a premium choice, we can assist you in choosing the perfect plan to meet your requirements. The available plans include value, basic, standard, select and premier:

Basic Plan

In its most simple form, the basic plan includes a basic coffin for cremation, which will be selected by one of our funeral directors. In addition, this plan includes £500 to go towards third party costs and funeral disbursements. The ideal, affordable plan for a hassle-free funeral.

Value Plan

In a value plan, you will receive a basic plan package, as well as:

  • A hearse
  • A basic coffin
  • Selecting a funeral venue
  • Funeral options for working days
  • Staff to accompany and manoeuvre the coffin
  • £800 for third party expenses

Standard Plan

In your standard plan, you will receive a value plan package, in addition to:

  • Simple coffin choice
  • Choice of service date and time
  • £1100 to cover third party costs
  • A funeral procession

Select Plan

In your select plan, you will get the standard plan package, as well as:

  • One limousine
  • A top-quality coffin of choice
  • 24 hour ‘take into care’ services

Premier Plan

In your premier plan, you will be provided with the select plan package, plus:

  • Two limousines
  • Admin taken care of after the service
  • A coffin of a superior standard of your choice

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