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A White and Sons

09 - Mar - 2014

Funeral Services

Pre-paid Funerals

Pre-paid Funerals in Crediton

Pre-paid funerals

Funeral plans

A Funeral Plan offers complete peace of mind: everything has been taken care of. All of the elements in the Plan are covered, and there is no more to pay. We offer a variety of affordable options for payment. The cost is fixed at current prices, there is no more to pay even if fees rise in the future.

You can choose from one of our Set Plans, which cover all the most commonly required elements. Or you can opt for a Tailor-made Plan, which allows you to create an arrangement which meets your individual requirements, in every detail.

Set Funeral Plans

Set Plans cover either burial or cremation, all of which include the essential elements you need. Choose the level of Plan you'd like, according to your budget and needs, for:

  • simplicity
  • flexibility
  • reassurance
  • convenience
  • sound financial sense
  • guaranteed cost.

Tailor-made Funeral Plans

A personal arrangement, in as much detail as you require, which ensures that all its elements take place exactly as you wish. A Tailor-made Funeral Plan gives you the highest level of personalisation in planning your funeral, whatever your budget.

Our Funeral Director will arrange all the details with you:

  • discussing all the possible options
  • completing the procedures and regulations
  • making sure everything matches your budget.

Our guarantee

You can be sure that the price you see is the price you pay - there are no hidden extras.

All our Plans are fully guaranteed, which means that everything in your Plan is covered; there will be no more to pay, no matter how costs and fees increase.

Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements:
telephone 01363 772043

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